Procubed delivers an Industry proven, Reliable and Resilient scalable platform for Internet of Things networking solutions for critical infrastructure.

Large scale Smart cities, Smart utilities to Small scale Start-ups worldwide are using Procubed Atlas platform as the core for their IoT networks, helping them with reliable and scalable solutions for smart light, electricity monitoring, gas, water and city services.

Procubed Atlas Platform is based on all open standards. It is an IPv6 based Mesh network providing connectivity and control across a unified IoT network. This open approach guarantees support for multiple, diverse devices and applications, ensuring seamless interoperability within any environment. The Procubed Atlas Platform enables cities, utilities and businesses to easily scale the smart infrastructure solutions to meet their end goals. Almost a million of Procubed Atlas Platform enabled devices delivered an efficient, and reliable network.

Our solutions are


Offered as both private and public cloud networks, Procubed’s platform reduces TCO and future upgrade risk for next generations.

Reliable and high-performance

A single wireless mesh network eliminates the single point of failure and other vulnerabilities that plague too many IoT networks, while customers benefit from the best combination of throughput, range and latency.

Resilient and secure

Procubed’s platform works with virtually any connectable device, protects data with military grade security, and is designed to “just work” – with 99+ percent reliability.


Our long history of successful deployments and our broad ecosystem of hardware and software developers enable us to deliver complete solutions that address the current and future needs of an array of customers.

We build IoT networks designed to work for decades

Organizations that harness the possibilities of the Internet of Important Things will transform their businesses and communities, unleashing unparalleled innovation. At Procubed, we’re connecting them with that future.

ProMesh Net

For over a decade, Procubed has been solving some of the world’s most pressing problems. Our Smart Networking Solutions span over multiple countries, turning isolated information to readily available information for utilities and cities around the globe. Now we’re creating solutions to the next wave of global challenges. With Procubed Atlas Platform, cities around the globe can leverage our proven solutions to connect intelligent devices and sensors to address water, energy, food, traffic, transportation and safety issues that impact everyday life.

Converting Things to Internet of Things

Procubed Atlas Platform is a wireless Mesh network based on IPv6 and open standards. The Atlas Platform provides services for the Internet of Things, providing secure, reliable and scalable connections to devices and sensors using a wide variety of open standards-based wireless communication protocols. Procubed Atlas Platform enables enterprises, cities, utilities, and developers to access the network that improve efficiencies. Across a range of applications, Procubed Atlas Platform provides world-class network and access to one of the industry’s largest open partner ecosystems, and full service level agreements that meet your needs—now and in the future.

Procubed Atlas Platform provides support for a range of application

Procubed Atlas Platform is redefining the expectation from an IoT network by delivering up to 300 Kbps in speed, 10 millisecond latency, up to 10 KM in point-to-point range and industrial-grade security, reliability, and scalability.