Enabling the Connected Future with Highly Reliable and Resilient Networking Platform

Smart city technologies are designed to serve the citizens, businesses and economic opportunities to improve the quality of life, effective use of resources while also making city operations more efficient. These new services rely on a modern networking infrastructure platform that enables continuous connections with new classes of intelligent devices for improved decision making. Procubed has proven the value of our IoT networking platform at scale for cities around the globe, delivering the most secure and reliable solutions for more than million endpoints.

Procubed believes in innovation across the full spectrum of city systems, including transportation, energy, water, health and safety, environmental sustainability and building management. The multi-application platform approach enables seamless integration and coordination across numerous city departments and projects, maximizing community value and return on investment. By leveraging the same network for the deployment of additional smarter city services over time, the city can greatly reduce long-term costs and accelerate speed of deployment for these new services. Our robust partner ecosystem and strict adherence to open standards empower the city to have the greatest selection of solutions and applications and limitless extensibility, enabling you to forge your own path to the smart city future.

An open, standards-based infrastructure gives cities the best foundation to meet these challenges. Procubed’s commitment to standards ensures interoperability across a diverse ecosystem of connected, intelligent devices and applications. Procubed delivers a reliable, secure and flexible multi-application solution that enables cities to have the power to choose the right solutions and scale for their smart cities projects.

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