• Procubed Atlas Platform is designed and developed with a modular (agile) approach and is easily
    portable to any other hardware and/or radio platform.
  • We are Protocol Agnostic Atlas is capable to let you swim vast ocean of IoT standards or
    customized solutions
  • At Procubed we work with our customers to provide a high level customized solution based on
    your own hardware platform.
  • Procubed also partners with customer to provided any customized service on new Application
    development and integration of your needs with our Platform.
    Procubed Atlas Platform is easily portable to different platforms. Below is some on which we
    have ported, tested and verified.

Different MCU ported on:

• Silicon Lab – EM32/EFR32xx
• STMicro – STM32

Different RF used:

• ADI – adf7023-j
• Silicon Lab – si4461
• STMicro – S2LP

Different Modules ported on:

• Taiyo Yuden – EFM32/si4461

• Procubed – EFR32xG