Trust in the Highly Secure and Industry Proven Multi-Application Network Platform

The grid is smarter than ever, but truly brilliant possibilities are just dawning. Today, smart utilities across different countries using Procubed’s Networks Solution to unlock the value within critical infrastructure—including electricity, gas, water and city networks.

Procubed has proven the value of our IoT networking platform at scale for utilities across different countries, delivering the most secure, resilient and reliable solutions for more than million endpoints. The multi-application platform approach enables seamless integration and coordination across numerous stakeholders within your utility, speeding time to value and maximizing return on investment. Our robust partner ecosystem and strict adherence to open standards empower your utility to become a smart utility and have the greatest selection of solutions and applications and limitless extensibility so your network can grow with your organization.

Advanced metering is helping millions of consumers control their own energy usage, while smart grid networks are enabling smart utilities to have better control over their assets and workforces. Solutions driving grid reliability are eliminating tens of thousands of budget-busting outages and truck rolls. The cost of integrating renewables is falling dramatically.

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